10 March 2012

Spring to Summer Tweed Rides & Runs!

The Tweed Ride Report 2012 Spring & Summer Updates:

The Tweed Ride Report by RidingPretty

Spring and Summer promises to be pure fun -- there are some sixteen Tweed Ride & Runs and/or vintage retro rides to look forward to!

Tweed Ride Adelaide AU - Mar 15
Tweed Ride Fresno CA - Mar 17
Tweed Ride Kansas City -Mar 17
Tweed Ride Lexington KY - Mar 17
Tweed Run Liverpool UK - Mar 18
Tweed Ride Buffalo NY - Mar 25
Tweed Ride Pescara IT - Mar 25
Tweed Ride Portland OR - Apr 1
Tweed Ride Hobart AU - Apr 1
Retro Ride Cambridge UK - Apr 1
Tweed Ride Albany NY - Apr 22
Tweed Run Oldenburger DE - Apr 15
Tweed Ride Bloomington IN -Apr 14
Tweed Run London - May 6th
Tweed Ride Victoria BC - May 12
Tweed Ride Calgary - May 21
Anjou Velo Vintage FR - June 23 & 24

As a note: I will continue to post the invites & posters for these Rides as you send them in. See the invites & posters, updates and details in THE TWEED RIDE REPORT.

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